Angie Bowie on life, sex and divorce with David Bowie


Angie Bowie photo by Dan Charity
Photo: Ange Bowie by Dan Charity

The world was shocked when David Bowie died within 24 hours of the release of his latest and final album. By a crazy coincidence his ex-wife Angie (Born Mary Angela Barnett) was in the public eye on UK TV reality programme ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ (series 7). After a disastrous mix up on her reaction to being told of David’s death she dropped out of the series.

Later, in ‘The Sun on Sunday’ newspaper, she talked of her life and experiences with David. They married in 1970 (March 20) when Bowie was on the rise. Some argue (including Angie) that she was instrumental in him ‘making it’. They were divorced 10 years later (February 8 1980), although the marriage had been over for much longer.

Angie doesnt pull any punches here and is clearly still angry – feeling mistreated by David and how her history has been written. Read her interview online here.

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