‘I’d rather keep me mouth shut and play the guitar’ says Mick Ronson (1982)


Back in 1982, a couple of days after they opened for the Who at the Oakland Coliseum, American roots-rocker T-Bone Burnett and his band played a much more intimate set at the Old Waldorf in San Francisco.

Joining T-Bone on this tour was legendary guitar hero Mick Ronson. Once David Bowie’s dazzling cohort, Ronson most recently backed-up his old pal Ian Hunter. Devorah Ostrov, fanzine journalist, caught up with Mick for ‘Rave-Up’ magazine, issue 6, as he tuned up backstage.

Now Devorah has shared the interview on her blog. It makes fascinating reading with Mick straight talking and to the point… Click here for the full experience!