Hunky Dory – Sold! The Original Album Cover Art

Hunky Dory print 1

Once upon a time (website) had a very interesting item for sale…

According to Michael Olsen, former head of the Official David Bowie Fan Club, from 1975-1977 he was instructed to clear out a pile of Bowie materials deemed no longer of use. What’s a guy/fan to do but clear them out to the safe keeping of your own home?

The item in question here is a hand-tinted print of Bowie in full Lauren Bacall pose. The print was subsequently hand-coloured by Bowie’s childhood friend (and sometime art director) George Underwood for the December ’71 release. Olsen had the print in his possession since 1975 and it was acompanied by a letter of authenticity.

The print itself shows some signs of wear and tear and shows more of the image than made it to the actual cover of Hunky Dory. Great save Michael!

Hunky Dory print 2

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