Rubber Band Press Release
June 1967 
Decca Group Records 

     D is for December, D is for David, D is for Deram – December 2nd is D-day all round, for that’s when Deram launches its exciting new contract star DAVID BOWIE singing his own outstanding song “RUBBER BAND”.

David not only wrote the song, he scored the arrangement and produced the master recording.

“RUBBER BAND” is probably as near as David will ever get to moon and June. A love story without a happy ending, it is pathos set to tubas. A happening song.

On the ‘B’ side is “THE LONDON BOYS”, David Bowie’s partly autobiographical cameo of the brave and defiant little mod racing up-hill along Wardour Street to an empty Paradise.

David Bowie, born in Brixton, now considers himself to be a suburban Londoner, but actually comes from Bromley, Kent where he lives with his parents and a dog. He is 19, slim, fair, blue eyed and impatient to release his enormous store of pent-up talent.

His remarkable powers of observation enable him to write with humour and wit about the people, loved and unloved, and the attitudes, lovely and unlovely, that constitute today’s society. A recent bout of ‘flu enabled him to pen half a dozen songs to go on a forthcoming Deram LP. In fact, David is one of the very few artists commissioned for an album before a single.

Simultaneously, David is writing songs and situations for a colour film in which he is to star and putting the finishing touches to a unique cabaret act.

David Bowie studied graphic art at Bromley Technical High School, but six months after leaving he drifted towards music for a living. He had already come under the influence of Little Richard and had been playing saxophone from the age of thirteen.

David played sax with a number of groups he formed then went to the front as a singer. Dissatisfied with much of the available material he started to write his own songs.

He has sung them all over the country and in Paris. At the Marquee Club in London his Sunday afternoon Bowie Showboat has drawn large crowds particularly during the summer when he made many fans among holidaying continental students.

David Bowie Rubber Band single