It’s David and Angie Bowie’s wedding anniversary

It was on this day (20th March) in 1970 that David and Mary Angela (née Barnett) were married. It was a very quite affair with a couple of local photographers and David’s mum, who, although not invited was tipped off by the local press.

Dressed in the gear of the day and swapping Peruvian bangles instead of rings the happy couple headed for a drink at the Swan and Mitre pub across the road.

Ernie Mitchell who snapped the pics here said of the day…

“I was one of only five people there,” said Ernie. “It was just those two, his mother, myself and another photographer. At one point I was going to be called as a witness, but I think they possibly used a secretary.

“It’s a shame I didn’t take more pictures, he was very relaxed and happily talked to us.

David and Angie were divorced in 1980

David and Angie Bowie with David’s mother Margaret

Photos by Ernie Mitchell
Ernie Mitchell interview here