New “Heroes” remixes at NME and BEAT

nme beat heroes remixes

Press release:
In addition to Friday’s “Heroes” 7″ picture disc release, Friday 22nd also sees the digital release of two new mixes of the song by Klax and Filburt especially commissioned for the 40th anniversary of the original single release.

These new 40th anniversary mixes see Berlin’s Filburt and Brighton trio KLAX take the track into uncharted territory…

KLAX: “Bowie has been in our collective consciousness since birth and has undoubtedly been a huge influence on our musical development. The Berlin Trilogy is our favourite of Bowie’s many ‘eras’, and the track ‘Heroes’ sticks out as one of the greatest songs of this period. To be given the opportunity to add our own touch to such an iconic track was both daunting and astonishing. We wanted to maintain the emotion of the original track while placing it firmly in the ‘here and now’, staying true to Bowie’s forward thinking and boundary-pushing legacy. It was easily the highest pressure remix we’ve ever done but we are really happy with the results and hope others feel that too.”

Filburt: “It was a very great honour to work with the original material. When I first heard the single stems, I got goose bumps. For me, David Bowie has always been an exceptional talent, and the song reflects the urge for freedom and change. When working on the remix, it was important to transport the feeling of the original to the modern age, but also to generate a classic disco feeling in the groove.”


Listen to the tracks at NME and BEAT now.
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